The Venus Index Workout

The Venus Index
The Venus Index Workout is a fitness system created by John Barban and Brad Pillon that allows a women to work towards an optimal figure. When many women go on a fitness routine, they could have many motivations in mind. Some might just want to lose weight or gain muscle mass. Others might want the health benefits. Many who are working out to make themselves look more attractive will often simply settle with the goal, I want to lose weight without recognizing the underlying motive.

The reality is the reason many of them want to lose weight is to look more physically appealing. What many do not understanding, losing weight alone might not help that. For example, once a lot of the pounds are shed, you might find that your rear looks a lot flatter than it used to. The fact is that there is an ideal shape for a woman’s body just like there is an ideal shape for a man’s body. These ratios are determined by what is known as the golden ratio, a number that crops forth throughout nature. For a woman this entails an hourglass shape where the best shoulder to hips, and hips to waist proportions are determined by this golden ratio.

Venus Index Workout

The Venus Index Workout was designed to specifically target muscle growth when combined with fat loss (if necessary) to give this precise shape that most women are looking for. For this reason it really sets itself apart from many other products on the market, which could actually be taking women further away from their ideal look, without them even knowing it.

HUGE UPDATE: John Barban and Brad Pillon Just Launched Venus Factor for Women!

Many of you that have come to this site might have heard of the Venus Index System which I discuss on this page. However, recently the creators of the Venus Index Workout have just launched a very unique weight loss product for women. The product was birthed in the struggle to find out why it is so difficult for women to lose weight. Men drop weight relatively easily, if you can get them off the couch long enough to try. Many women know, it can be very difficult to shed pounds, especially after childbirth.

Ladies, Do Not Expect to Lose Weight On a Man’s Diet

Well, it turns out that most of the weight loss products out there are developed for a man’s metabolism. One of the biggest differences between men and women is that women have larger levels of leptin circulating in the blood. The good news is that leptin promotes the breakdown of fat. However, the problem is that most women have developed a leptin sensitivity whereby it takes very large levels to stimulate fat loss. This is similar to the problem of insulin sensitivity faced by many Type II diabetics.
Venus Factor

When you go on a diet, your leptin levels crash as your body tries to slow down its metabolism to adjust to the lower food intake level. If you have lost leptin sensivity to begin with, then your ability to burn fat stores will really crash. You could even put on even more weight after you come off a diet. Sound familiar?

What Is the Weight Loss Solution for Women?

This is the secret that John and Brad deliver in the Venus Factor. They have crafted a weight loss plan that naturally increases a woman’s insulin sensitivity so that they are able to burn fat effectively and rapidly lose pounds of fat. They reveal secrets such as the foods that promote leptin sensitivity, and how you can lose weight buy occasionally eating more?

A Practical System for Twenty-First Century Life

In the Venus Factor John and Brad talk about “winning the week” instead of the daily calorie count. The reason they do this is they realize that it is not practical to be on a low calorie diet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes you might have to go to a party or another special occassion where a diet could be very inconvenient.

Plus, it quite frankly is not good to be on calorie restriction all the time. Your body will adjust its metabolism to the lower calorie level, assuming that you are in a life threatening starvation situation, which will undermine your diet. On the other hand, if you cycle your calories throwing in one to two cheat days each week, your body will not have a chance to adjust to the lower calorie count. This is one of the dieting secrets that most people never hear.

Who Are These Guys, and Why Should Us Gals Be Listening To Them?

John Barban is one of the most sought out experts in the health and wellness industry. He has been hired by many large supplement companies to help design many of the formulas that you see on the shelves at GNC or your local health store. Chances are that if you are big into supplementation, chances are that you have taken a supplement he designed.
Weight Loss For Women

Brad Pillon is a fitness and nutrition expert best known for his revolutionary work “Eat Stop Eat” where he smashed many of the myths that plague the industry and the dieters that follow their advice. He found through an exhaustive review of years of clinical data, the vast majority of accepted truths you read in many nutrition books were directly contradicted by the best and most relevant clinical data available. Literally much of the stuff you read in books such as the need to eat breakfast every morning are anecdotal, and by not eating breakfast you can actually lose more weight because the body burns more fat when in a fasting response. Brad is a true health nutrition geek who consumes as much research as possible to help people design their optimal health program based on facts, not old wives’ tales.

The Venus Factor or The Venus Index: What Is Right For You?

For the vast majority of women, weight loss is the very first step towards getting to the perfect Venus Index body. If have already shed most of the pounds you need to shed, you might want to consider just trying the Venus Index Workout. However, if you have a few extra pounds to lose, you will probably benefit from John and Brad’s latest research that can help put your fat loss on the fast track.

They have also thought ahead for when you get to the point that you need to consider getting close to that hourglass shape. As part of the Venus Factor purchase you are entitled to receive a discount on a product “upgrade,” which costs an extra $37 at this moment. This upgrade discusses the Venus perfect body proportions and how to go about achieving them. So by getting the Venus Factor and the upgrade you sort of get the best of both worlds. There are also additional offers one can get with the Venus System including “Slim in Seven” which includes several really cool tricks in terms of water weight manipulation if you need to look better for a photo shoot or event really quickly.

Live Help and Support

There is a special launch bonus where one can get a month free access to their membership program. In this program you get ongoing updates as the latest research is released on nutrition and fitness. John and Brad will more importantly tell you what you can really take away from each study as the press releases and abstracts rarely tell the full store (remember, many of these studies are commercially sponsored; the analysis is less objective than the actual data). They will also have ongoing calls where you can submit your weight loss and fitness questions and they can answer them based on the actual best science available.

With this program you also get access to the community where you can interact with others on the diet, including many of the success stories you see in the testimonials. Find out their individual tips and tricks and get help from other members. For those truly struggling with weight loss and committed to get results, this total interactive experience can make a lot of difference. They believe so much in the product they are willing to give away an entire month free; and I am told that the majority of those who sign up for the free trial continue on to the full subscription.

Special Bonus Available For Those that Purchase Through VenusFactorReviews.org

In addition to the bonuses that come with the Venus Factor and the Venus Index, there is a special bonus package for anyone who signs up through VenusFactorReviews.org. These include 28 specially selected titles designed to help you reach your weight loss and other life goals.

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